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Cotton Cone Lampshade Red 18 centimeter...

UGX.173,016 UGX.176,016
Highlights Adds a warm and elegant touch Optimal design allows for easy installation Great gift idea for casual occasions

2-Piece Powder Velour Discs White/Silver...

UGX.20,407 UGX.23,407
Highlights Sports a soft texture It?s washable Overview For easy compact powder application, this 2-Piece Powder Velour Discs is the right choice. It fits most compact powder kits and is easy to carry. Add it to your kit for a matte look.

7-Piece Makeup Brush Set Purple...

UGX.18,189 UGX.21,189
Highlights The brush bring you the exquisite blend of form and function The ultra-soft, cruelty-free brush recreates a luxe microfiber feel on the face to achieve the most seamless finish Cuts down on your getting ready time by giving you a flawless look faster than any tool

Ailena LED Bathroom Mirror Silver/Clear ...

UGX.119,780 UGX.122,780
Highlights Contemporary design adds a touch of sophistication to interiors Meticulously designed to be placed on the counter or hanged on the wall Premium material construction exhibits abrasion resistant durability

Breastmilk Cooler Set...

UGX.167,603 UGX.170,603
Highlights The Breastmilk Cooler Set is great as an extra set for bringing to work or school to store pumped breastmilk or for leaving at daycare with your baby. The contoured cooling element is designed specifically for your those moms who like to be prepared and carry an extra Overview The Breast Milk Cooler Set is great as an extra set for bringing to work or school to store pumped breast milk or for leaving at daycare with your baby. The contoured cooling element is designed specifically for your Medela breast milk bottles. 1. Authentic Medela spare parts are compatible with Medela breast pumps 2. Includes extra breast milk bottles for storage & feeding. 3. Its inside Medela Freestyle and Pump In Style breast pump bags.

56-Piece Baby Wipes Aloe...

UGX.11,090 UGX.14,090
Highlights Softly quilted texture Lightly fragranced Packaging may vary

Shea Butter Nourishment Conditioner Shea...

UGX.14,861 UGX.17,861
Highlights Delivers gentle conditioning for total hydration Ensures to soothe dry ,itchy and flaking scalp Protect the hair and give long lasting radiance

15-Piece Hayao Miyazaki Elves Spirit Toy...

UGX.31,054 UGX.34,054
Highlights Keeps your little one busy with hours of creative play, encouraging imaginative skills Vibrant colours stimulate visual development Boasts unique details for a striking appeal

XPS 15 Laptop With 15.6-Inch Touch Displ...

UGX.6,298,659 UGX.6,301,659
Highlights 16GB RAM allows lower voltage requirement with higher data rate transfer speed Equipped with Intel 8th generation processor for optimum performance High capacity battery ensures prolonged hours of computing Large storage option allows you to store all your files and media easily Sleek and stylish design makes this eye-catching

Normalizing Professional Haircare Shampo...

UGX.88,726 UGX.91,726
Highlights Massage a small amount into wet hair Follow with Sachajuan normalizing conditioner Daily shampoo that works to cleanse normal hair whilst enhancing body and shine

Protective Case Cover For Samsung Galaxy...

UGX.32,784 UGX.35,784
Highlights Cruises specific interfaces that administer easy access to all ports and buttons Proposes appended security against scratches, dust, stains and moisture Boosted bezel blocks the screen and the camera lens from getting nicked

Feeding Bottle...

UGX.38,152 UGX.41,152
Highlights Wide neck facilitates easy preparation and washing Ergonomic shape of the handles ensure a comfortable and secure hold Seal-tight lid prevents leakage

Ocaodda Stud Earrings...

UGX.41,701 UGX.44,701
Highlights Glamorous suitable for all occasions Exquisite encrustment imparts a touch of elegance to the overall design Fashioned from a remarkable material that prevents deformation

Vitamin B12 Nuggets...

UGX.84,290 UGX.87,290
Highlights Helps in normal regeneration and development of red blood cells that help deliver oxygen throughout the body Support heart health as well as the promoting of healthy levels of homocysteine that is already within a normal range Aids in energy metabolism and promotes a healthy nervous system Vitamin B12 in this formula comes in a convenient tablet form which makes it body-ready for easy absorption

5-in-1 Photography Studio Multi Photo Di...

UGX.43,431 UGX.46,431
Highlights Perfect for both outdoor and indoor shooting Textured surface provides good reflection of light